Joseff has completed Pre-Employment Training through CSCL’s BIG (Bridge Impact Grant) Service. He has work experience delivering ‘Coffee News’ newspapers to different establishments around Chilliwack, and has experience in merchandising at the Big Box Outlet.

Joseff is seeking an entry level position in Chilliwack. He is skilled with computers and works very well independently – he would do well in a position that includes job duties such as merchandising, stocking shelves, or otherwise organizing items or information. Joseff is certified in First Aid and FoodSafe level 1 and he is willing to learn new skills. Joseff is punctual, reliable, efficient, and detail oriented.

Joseff has a passion for writing and has published some of his work online at the Writers Cafe, while he has written many books at home. Joseff enjoys writing fiction, and has been known to work in theatre.  Joseff debuted his first screenplay when he revamped some classical plays to create a hybrid play of the 3 Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood – he starred in it as the Big Bad Wolf with the CSCL Youth Drama Club.

This candidate’s Vocational Counsellor is Beth MacPhee.

For further information about Joseff, please contact Beth:
Phone: 604-846-2018