Back in July, Lee got word from his employer that they would be transitioning back to their office environment. Lee had grown to love working from home as a customer service rep with Concentrix.

Right away Lee contacted his Vocational Counsellor asking if they could meet and discuss options. Lee did not want to take public transit, as he had struggled with getting home in the late evenings.

After meeting and reviewing all the options, it came down to looking at an electric bike or scooter.

Lee decided to get a scooter. Lee, with is Vocational Counsellor, travelled to Abbotsford and browsed the scooters at Century Batteries. Lee liked the scooter that looked similar to a motorbike, as it seemed sturdy and durable. After being shown all the features and how it works, Lee took it for a test ride around the complex. Lee decided this was the one and paid for it. He also got a cool looking helmet. The salesperson offered to deliver the scooter to Lee without charge that evening.

Lee is getting familiar with the scooter, practicing every day, before he needs to ride it to work.