For the majority of people age 18 and upward, having a job is generally a large part of our existence and source of self-esteem. In addition to providing us with an income, employment has numerous other benefits for us. We feel a sense of purpose, we are productive in our day, are able to socialize with coworkers, we may receive training and have the ability to move around in the company depending on our strengths, we are connected; we are out in the world being part of something bigger. Good healthy things we should all experience in our lives…

Youth are passionate, vital, and eager to make a difference and be part of their communities. Young people bring many benefits to the workplace, including energy, adaptability, technological skill, and new perspectives. By supporting Youth with diversabilities in gaining employment, our aim is to help develop businesses in our community to truly reflect their customers. Well rounded staffing teams, including employees with developmental disabilities, reflect the values and ideals of the Chilliwack community, while helping to improve business culture and benefiting the bottom line of local employers.

Below is a listing of some of our candidates and a brief summary of their interests and capabilities. We welcome you to contact us for more information on these candidates, or to learn about others we may have, with specific skill sets to compliment your business.

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Joseff has completed Pre-Employment Training through CSCL’s BIG (Bridge Impact Grant) Service. He has work experience delivering ‘Coffee News’ newspapers to different establishments around Chilliwack, and has experience in merchandising at the Big Box Outlet.


Cassandra is a caring, responsible and friendly young woman.  She has years of experience in janitorial supervisory roles and in child-minding settings.  Cassandra is looking for part-time work in these fields to build her skill


  Brandon has an incredibly positive attitude and strong work ethic. He has experience in the food industry as well as grocery.  Brandon is very dedicated, responsible and eager to please and would be an


Brandon is really excited to get to work. He has recently acquired his forklift licence and is hoping to put some of his training to use. Brandon also loves animals and would love to gain


  Elisabeth is an energetic self-motivated young lady.  She has a passion for helping others and working with animals.   Elisabeth wants to obtain a job where she has opportunity to learn new skills and meet


  Ashley is an active and social young lady who enjoys interacting with people, especially children.  She has her CPR First Aid and Fire Extinguisher Training certificates and she has experience working in child care


Lukas would LOVE to work in construction. He has great insight and understanding of the various skills required to work in the Construction Industry.  Lukas is a hard worker and once he starts a task


Blaze is a very talented, creative young man, who likes helping out and loves animals!  He has volunteer experience and has work experience stacking shelves and held a paid position with the Salvation Army Kettle


Gabriel is a reliable, friendly and engaging young man. Gabriel is looking for an entry level position and with his great attitude, he will be a big asset to any team. He enjoys helping people,


Stanley has extensive work experience in many areas.  He is a proven reliable Truck Detailer, Greenhouse Worker and Lumber Yard Labourer.  Stanley enjoys working with his hands and he picks things up quickly in order