Supported Employment for Long-Term Success

Many employers are surprised to discover that people with disabilities don’t require extra supervision, safety precautions, expensive accommodations or lower performance.

We can work with your business to help you identify appropriate tasks and provide on job coaching to our clients which will ensure a new employee can smoothly transition into your business, saving you time and money.

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Hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense! Low employee turnover, excellent attendance records, increased morale, positive attitudes, improved community profile, innovation and reaching new customers are just a few of the benefits companies have told us they have experienced.

CSCL Employment Services works with employers in a variety of industries at no cost to the employer. We continue to provide support when and where needed to ensure business needs are being met and employment is maintained.

Employers Services Include:

  • Pre-screened and qualified candidates
  • Specialized training in Forklift, First Aid, WHIMIS, Food Safe, Safety training and more
  • On-site job training: we will stay as long as necessary until employers and employee are comfortable
  • Assistance with building a natural support system at work
  • Regular follow-ups
  • Education for management and staff
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Client Services Include:

  • Discovery process including Personality, Values, and Job skills Assessments
  • Marketing strategies, social media tools, and customer service training
  • Job Club workshops on team building, effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Work force preparation focusing on individual abilities and providing individualized support
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Employment plans and goal setting
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CSCL Employment Services Meet Client and Employer Needs by:

  • Job development to meet individuals strengths and employer needs; including interview support
  • Arranging and/or providing on-site job accommodations where needed
  • Job coaching and building natural supports in the workplace
  • Follow-up supports to facilitate job retention
  • We will conduct an annual review to ensure employee job performance is meeting employer expectations
  • Want to train our client on a new task? No problem, we will come back and provide job coaching and/or additional training as necessary
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